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Fertility acupuncture + consult (6 sessions) $600

Standard acupuncture + consult (6 sessions) $480

Facial acupuncture + consult (6 sessions) $600

Pain Management Package (HFC) (3 sessions) *NEW* $150

28 days Customized Confinement package + consult $530
Comes with a Physician home visit

28 days Generic Confinement package + consult $480

28 days Generic Home Confinement package + consult $580
(Physician visits you at home)

Terms and Conditions:

1. Packages have no expiry date

2. Prices subjected to GST

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Women's Health

It is said that the condition of a menstrual period reflects a woman's health. From the onset of puberty to menopause, a woman's body condition is constantly changing. Her holistic health, vitality and hormonal changes can be reflected through the menstrual period, and therefore it is important to maintain and restore balance and vitality to ensure a good woman's health which is important to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to go through menopause hassle-free, to age gracefully.

Some common gynaecological conditions which can be effectively treated by TCM and acupuncture includes:

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We know for a fact that we age, and most people frowned when we heard the word "ageing" as we associate it with chronic diseases such as metabolic disorders and disabilities due to pain conditions. But given a holistic treatment, we can age healthily and with grace.

TCM treatment such as herbal prescription and acupuncture can complement conventional treatment to allow these conditions to be better managed.

Common conditions includes metabolic disorders such as:

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