Ingredients for YiTeaCM Sleep Tea

Ingredients for YiTeaCM Sleep Tea

Sleep Tea

23 Dec 2021

By Physician Na Yi Ting & Geja Shreya

Roses often symbolise love and romance. A lesser-known property of roses is their ability to calm you down and relieve stress. In TCM, rosebuds are commonly used to improve Liver Qi flow, which helps with reducing stress and improving mood. This helps you fall asleep more easily, as you will not be troubled by the day's worries.

Lavender is not just a pretty flower. It calms your central nervous system and promotes slow-wave sleep, which will improve the quality of your sleep and help you to wake up feeling well-rested.

Red dates are rich in vitamins and minerals and thus, have a host of benefits which will be further explained in our other articles. They contain adaptogen, which reduces stress and, thus, helps you sleep. Red dates also help with boosting Spleen Qi and blood. Adequate blood supply in the heart meridian is needed to ensure a good night's sleep. By boosting up the blood in the body, red dates help to improve your sleep.

Chrysanthemum clears excess yang energy in the liver to reduce heat and calms your nerves, making falling asleep so much easier.


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