How do these ingredients help to detoxify your body?

Ingredients for YiTeaCM Detox Tea that purges your body of toxins

Ingredients for YiTeaCM Detox Tea that purges your body of toxins

Detox Tea

14 Jan 2022

By Physician Na Yi Ting & Geja Shreya

Chrysanthemum helps to improve the function of your liver and reduces Liver fire. Since the liver cleanses your blood of toxins, it detoxifies your body more efficiently.

Orange peels are able to cleanse your lungs and hence, clear any congestion in your respiratory system. Orange peels are rich in antioxidants, which allows them to detoxify your body and result in clearer skin. Since the orange peels on their own cause the tea to be bitter, the addition of the other ingredients will allow the tea to be sweeter and more enjoyable. Orange peels are also very good at boosting qi circulation!

Rose boosts digestion and prevents urinary tract infections as it detoxifies the body. It also plays an important role in promoting Liver Qi circulation which aids in detoxifying the waste in the body. The rose buds also contribute to the tea's fragrance and sweet taste.

Cherry blossoms, being rich in antioxidants, help to detoxify the body by removing impurities and pollutants, especially those that cause skin troubles. This helps you have clearer skin and a healthier body. In TCM, cherry blossoms help to improve blood circulation and reduce water retention and are commonly used to improve complexion.


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