Fertility Statistics Of Yi TCM

Understanding Yi TCM through statistics

By Intern Phoebe Ng

28 July 2022

With declining birth rates in recent years, our founders saw the need for fertility treatment and care for women’s health in Singapore.

Yi TCM was then born with the mission of providing quality care while supporting couples on their fertility journeys.

Singapore’s total fertility rate fell to a historic low of 1.1 in 2020.

(Department of Statistics Singapore, 2021)

Age demographics of Yi TCM Patients

(in years)

Age and gender demographics

Since our opening in 2021, we have seen patients from different walks of life, ranging from a few months old to 81 years of age.

82% of our patients are women, where about 1 in 2 women visited us for fertility related issues.

If you were wondering, we have male fertility patients too! About 42% of our male patients visited us for fertility related issues.

Patient diagnosis demographics

Aside from fertility, our physicians have experience treating a variety of other conditions as well, including:

  • Women’s health issues such as irregular or painful menstrual periods, pregnancy care and post-natal care

  • Musculoskeletal pain

  • Insomnia

  • Eczema

Conditions of Yi TCM Patients

Types of ART undergone by

Yi TCM Female Fertility Patients

Types of ART undergone by

Yi TCM Female Fertility Patients

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Fertility demographics

Since our clinic focuses mainly on fertility, let's dive into the statistics.

More than half of our female fertility patients do TCM treatments such as acupuncture alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments to condition and prepare the body during ART treatments. Acupuncture can increase blood flow to the womb to improve egg quality and aid with implantation.

Wow, so many numbers...

How do I make sense of it?

To sum up, these are numbers that can help you understand more about Yi TCM, the patients we serve, and the services we provide.

No matter which age group you fall under or what condition you have, Yi TCM has something to offer you.

All of us at Yi TCM want to make the clinic a comfortable environment for you and continue to be there for every one of you (our patients) who are undergoing fertility treatments and battling different illnesses.

Every patient matters to us.


Department of Statistics Singapore. (2021). Population Trends 2021.


*all data is updated as of 24 July 2022