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Fertility and Fengshui Talk
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Webinar: Improving your Fertility Health and Pregnancy

Physician Na is holding a talk in collaboration with NTU CMAA, the home ground for our very own Singapore, home grown TCM physicians. Sign up at the following link:

Many patients see Physician Na to seek advice on fertility. Coupled with modern knowledge on western medicine, she uses TCM to help improve fertility or the odds of success in IVF. And for those of you worried about surviving the first trimester, Physician Na will help improve your pregnancy outcomes!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Herbal Pouch Giveaway and steps on how to participate in the giveaway

Keep Your Tummy Warm!

We are giving away our washable, microwaveable, reuseable, replenishable herb pouches. Use this to soothe any stiff and tired muscles! You can use the eye pouch, pop it in the microwave for 30 secs to a minute depending on your microwave strength. The herb bag inside the pouch is replaceable so adding some water before you heat it up in the microwave is recommended. Alternatively, you can put it in the steamer!

This is the best gift for any couple you know trying to conceive or having bad menstrual symptoms or cold womb syndromes!

5 Eye pouches worth $15 each and 1 waist pouch worth $20 to be given end of the month! Just click on the image or here to our Instagram to participate!

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The closing date is on 31st Jan midnight.

Winners will be contacted via instagram and the pouches will be sent via postage mail to winners of the give away!

Physician Na Yi Ting and Fertility Support on Let's Talk: How Chinese Herbs can help to enhance fertility

Let's Talk: Chinese Herbs to Enhance Fertility

Our Physician Na spoke about Chinese herbs that enhance fertility on Instagram Live with Fertility Support. If you are struggling with fertility issues and want to learn how to improve your health and fertility, tune in to this live at our Instagram page @yitcmsg

If you missed it, fret not! Simply click on the poster, and you will be redirected to the recording of the live!